A small sample of my work. 
So you can see what I can do visually, with pacing, with action--a short thriller I made in college
This is the abridged version of a short I made my freshman year of college. It won the Audience Choice Award at a festival in conservative Athens, Georgia
A short reel of promos--because I'll sell out if the price is right. . .
A short doc about an Anti-Trump protest the day after the 2016 election. Filmed solo and spur of the moment


I'm Zach Sheram.


I'm a storyteller--

A director, writer, and visual artist.

I play in many mediums with a focus on filmmaking.


I have an interdisciplinary BFA from the University of Georgia in Storytelling.


I recently completed a program for producing & directing with Warner Bros, in partnership with The School of Cinematic Arts. There, I was selected of 23 students to direct a film on the studio backlot based off my pitch and prior work.


I worked under Jewerl Ross at Silent R Management, where I assisted in script coverage and approached clients on his behalf at the Indie Film Fest (RIP) and AFI. While there I had the opportunity to pitch ideas of my own for his clients. I learned a lot from him and his Creative Exec Andrew Gerson.



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