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Information on Local Representatives

I've decided to dedicated a section of my website to posting information regarding local representatives in our government. Primarily, it will focus on government on its smallest, and arguably most important, scale: public school board members.

Recently I emailed the Marietta City School Board and the Marietta High School administration in regards both to an incident of vile racism at the school, and towards the Black Lives Matter movement in general. Posted will be their replies (when informative either of their support and plans for action, or of their racism).

This is not meant to be a way to shame, nor a way to attract attention to myself.

I simply believe that our representatives should be asked important questions, and that their answers should be made known. When they obfuscate I follow up, and demand as is my right as a constituent for declarative statements. My hope is that this will provide voters with insight for the next elections.

I will post my original email, followed by their responses.

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